Life Lessons from Zoom Medical School

– Fixing my bed has finally become part of my everyday morning routine. Not because med school has made me more mature, but because I don’t want people to see my messy bed in the background. Its also a nice productive way to start the day.

– My happiness is more dependent on my state of mind, than on what I’m doing and who I’m with. I can live simpler and spend less money and be just as happy, if not more so.

– Living with less options requires more creativity.

– Just because someone is not actively in my life, doesn’t mean they don’t care about me.

– Just because someone is actively in my life, doesn’t mean they care about me.

– Patients are way more ok with having a first year medical student come talk to them than I thought they would be.

– Having my own bathroom makes living with other people 100x easier.


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