Week 1 in Roanoke

I’m finishing up my first week in Roanoke. It’s been nice settling into a new environment. I’ve really missed my sister, though seeing her again after 4ish months, not much has changed. Not that I expected it too. We’ve been apart for longer periods of time than this.

Roanoke is a nice place. It’s quiet and very green. The roads look like they are just paved over trails (which many of them probably are) unlike the aligned and gridded suburbs that I’m used to. The houses that populate the hills are almost exactly what I think of when I think east coast. Some are entirely made of brick. Some have wooden panels along the side with the paint chipping off and a big ol’ butt sticking out the back either dropping down the side of the hill or being held up by stilts.

I finally got to meet my feline niece, Yue. She a spoiled ham, but very cute. She is not shy at all and likes to jump right by my face. At night, if I leave the door open she will come in a cuddle up for little, but more often I wake to her staring right at me. I also realized she likes coming into my room to steal fluffs from a hole in the bottom of my bed, so I don’t let her in any more, I need to find some duct tape.

It’s been fun seeing my sister and Micah doing the whole married life. Though it’s about what I expected. It suits them… though I feel like it has for a while now.

Ate and I went to see the world’s largest man-made star today, which apparently resides in Roanoke. It was big. Not too much else to say about it. The weather was exactly what I was hoping for. Brisk and crisp. Breathing in, I could feel like cold air fill my lungs, and being surrounded by all those trees you know it’s well oxygenated. Afterwards we went to a little zoo up on the same mountain, which was expectedly small, but had some surprisingly exotic animals… and racoons.

We’re heading to New York this weekend. Should be an exciting trip; I’ve got some fun stuff lined up. I’ll tell you all about it next time.


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