The world of subjective taste is full of pretentiousness. For some reason people think there is an objective standard to personal opinion. If you’re personal opinion doesn’t match mine then you are a degenerate. That’s poppycock! Interestingly, while personal opinions are not objective, their existence in a way is objective. If I like eating Quesoritos from Taco Bell or Beef ‘n Cheddar sandwiches from Arby’s that’s just the way it is (in fact you could even argue that in many ways I’m biologically programmed to like it). You can’t declare pineapples don’t belong on pizza just because you don’t like it (shut up Gordon Ramsay). You can’t say country music sucks just because it’s not your cup o’ tea.

Indeed there are objective measure by we can assess matters of taste. With food you can talk about the balance of flavors, chemical composition, and nutritional value. With music, you can talk about rhythms and patterns, chords and dynamics. These are quantifiable aspects that we can use describe what we like about something and explain why we think that is good. But in the end, much of our taste depends on our experience and on culture, which is pretty much impossible to quantify.

So go ahead and enjoy the things you enjoy, and let others do the same.

And if you’re not happy with that then know that in the long term the “good stuff” will prevail, just hope you’re on the right side of history.


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