There was a common theme throughout today of indecisiveness. This morning I found a stinkbug in my room and I contemplated at length whether to kill it or catch-and-release it. Both of which had the possibility, I thought, of ending in a pungent mess. When I told my sister about the dilemma she seemed to understand, but before I came to a decision she had already packed the offensive lil guy into a bag of similarly offensive cat poop.

Later we were watching an episode of Avatar, the one where Sokka goes with Zuko to save his dad from the Boiling Rock, and is confronted with the consequences of his own decision-making and lack thereof.

Just moments ago, despite having a several to choose from, I sat for 10 mins deciding what to right about. I feel like I write about my indecisiveness and my thought paralysis often, but this is just another reminder for me that while being intentional and careful is important, actually acting is just as if not more important. One of these days I’ll get it.


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