The Secret Life of… Corpses

I’m reading this book right now titled Stiff by Mary Roach. And no you sickos it’s not about male anatomical structures, you think someone really added it to their Amazon Smile cart just based on the titled, only to be surprised when it arrived a Prime-guaranteed two days later, and it turned out to be about dead bodies… really??? Anyway regardless of how I heard about it and how it came into my possession, it’s quite fascinating and also very funny. Roach is not a scientist or a doctor so she is reacting to all these corpses (that she actively seeks out for the book) in much the same way a normal person would. One of the differences being that she is a good writer. She often anthropomorphises the, forgive my irreverence, vacant meat sacks in comical ways, as a person is wont to do when they are not as desensitized to the process of biological decay as are many of the professionals that she encounters.

I could tell you all the stuff I’ve learned from it and all the interesting experiences that she details, but you should just read it yourself. What I do want to say is that reading this book makes me even more excited to start med school. Is that weird? And while I’ve recently been  strongly leaning towards primary care, some of this stuff definitely makes surgery super compelling. There are time I feel like I’m a low-key psychopath for various reasons (e.g. I was the only one who asked to personally pithe one of the frogs in my physiology lab), but I also think that there is a chance I’ll faint when confronted with my first cadaver.


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