GoT Season Finale

**Again spoilers ahead; venture no further ye who hath yet belaiden thine eyes upon GoT 73.**

Over the past few days since the series finale of Game of Thrones I’ve had a chance to hear different perspectives on what just went down. Here’s where I land:

This season left me feeling somewhat dissatisfied, but I don’t think that makes how it ended bad. I can’t help but feel that way and I think that might have been the intention of the writers. Some people seemed shocked about some of the things that happened, but to me nothing was completely out of the blue. This is GoT, not a fairytale, not everyone is going to get their happy ending or their deserved demise. That scene when the “royal council” (Tyrion, Bronn, Sam, etc.) are discussing matters of the kingdom, while perhaps confusing and somewhat comical, was a nudge at “life goes on,” this apparent triviality of everything that had transpired. Events that were once huge tipping points on the scale of humanity just become stories like all events before. I said before that this season felt rushed, and I still feel that way, BUT I do think that if you watched all of GoT beginning to end without have to wait so long between seasons (especially between the last two) if would feel much better.

Anyways, that’s all I really have to say, but if you have any ideas/ opinions or want to discuss specific events/ scenes/ characters/ arcs, my DMs are always open.


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