Fakin’ It

I was listening to Conan’s podcast the other day with Howard Stern as the guest. It was a longer episode, but I really enjoyed it. Not because it was particularly funny, but because I thought they talk about some interesting things… they got real. With some of his guests all they talk about is SNL and can get pretty “meh.” Howard Stern has always been someone I didn’t know much about but felt like I was trained not to like, but listening to him on the podcast I feel like I would enjoy listening to his stuff. Anyways, Conan and Howard talked about this feeling of being out of place; feeling like you shouldn’t be where you are at, like you get false accolades. And while I am nowhere near either of their stature I feel that sometimes (on a relative scale). People will pay me compliments sometimes or will say nice things about how I’m smart or funny or whatever, but most of the time I don’t feel that way. I’m no different than everyone else and I think most people see that. Maybe there are times where I try harder, but that because I’m a strong believer in the idea that pretty much all people are capable of achieving the same potential, but there are also time when I probably try less than I should.


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