Mind Bottling

You know when things get so crazy it gets your thoughts all trapped like in a bottle.

– Chazz Michael Michaels

I’ve always felt like I’m the type of person who is pretty good about dealing with their thoughts and emotions internally. My strategy is usually to handle less-than-optimal situations with patience and optimism. Just keep smiling and moving forward.

I gotta say though April has been a doozy. It’s not just because of the stress and emotional toll of med school applications, which I talked about a lot in some of my recent posts, but also because of other personal goings-ons. And while I kept doing my day jobs, and kept up with some of my most baseline routines, my personal time was spent less productively and I would retreat to low-stakes hobbies like video games.

That being said my hiatus has another layer to it in that these past few weeks have also been among the happiest I’ve had. I got to spend a lot of time with someone I love more than I could ever describe properly in words. But even so, that never prevented me from writing and I would never use that as an excuse for me not doing the things I love to do (because it’s actually the opposite).

Ultimately what it comes down to is me second guessing myself, and not having confidence in some of the things I’m doing. That, perhaps hidden behind me telling myself I am too busy, which was never the case.

So I would like to apologize to myself and more importantly to you dear readers (the few of you who are out there) for letting you down these past few weeks. You are important to me, more than you could ever know, and I am grateful for you taking a small part of your day to read my ramblings.

See you all tomorrow.

Much love,



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