Die ET

It’s interesting how much better my body feels when I am not constantly eating copious amounts of meat. My face is clearer, poops are more satisfying, and my tummy is happy. I would stop eating meat entirely if it just didn’t taste so damn good. There are some vegetarian and vegan restaurants out there that have made me think that if all restaurants made plants and stuff taste that good I could easily make the switch, but there are also some that have nearly turned me off completely to the idea of vegetarianism. When I go to new (non-veg) restaurants there are always so many things that I want to try, most of which have meat, and also if I don’t get something with meat in it I feel like I’m wasting my restaurant trip. So for now I’m sticking with reduced meat intake. For those of you out there who are vegetarian or vegan, how did you get started and what keeps you going?


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