The Wall

I’ve been having good conversations with Mom recently. We’ve been talking about topics that I once thought were awkward or taboo (and perhaps they were at one point). One of those topics being faith and religion. I grew up Catholic and I consider my Catholic upbringing a huge part of my identity and I attribute my orientation towards compassion and service largely to that upbringing. At one point I was very much involved in the happenings of the church and I was very serious about my faith. Now, not so much.

Yesterday, as we were getting lunch, she asked me, “Have you lost faith?” While I was surprised at the setting during which she asked the question I wasn’t surprised at the question itself. I’m not here to write about the when, why, and how of my beliefs (maybe another time, or reach out to me and let’s talk), but just that we got into a lengthy conversation about faith, religion, morality, etc. This type of talk would have been so uncomfortable 5+ years ago, but now it just felt natural.

I love and appreciate you Mom and I’m glad that we can have open conversations like this.



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