Lazy Town

Ever have one of those days (or several days) where you can’t bring yourself to be productive, or as productive as you’d like? Happens to me constantly. Some days I’ll feel like I am on a roll, others it’s a struggle to get off my ass to perform basic functions (like eating and defecating).

Somewhat ironically to me, even though I think this is a common phenomenon, I am least productive on my most free days. When I have nothing going on work-wise, I would like to think I can use all that time to work on personal projects. But sometimes it just doesn’t happen. I’ll make some progress here and there, but not nearly as much as I would like, which then can lead to guilt, and a decrease in motivation. On the flip-side, sometimes when I know I have a full day ‘s scheduled, I am more efficient and productive with my time, and can focus on projects, both work and personal for their allotted times. Sometimes I get more done in thirty minutes on a busy day than I do in an hour of a open day.

Some days my lack of productivity is the result of something occupying my mind, usually something that I am looking forward to. Interestingly, other days that same thing can cause me to be hyper-productive. It seems to be a matter of how I direct my energy. If I dwell on that future “reward” and let it completely consume me, I am unproductive. However, if I use the “reward” as a motivator and distract myself with tasks and projects, I get more done and time goes by faster and I get “rewarded” faster.

It’s funny how I always look forward to days where I can do nothing, but those days often make me feel terrible. Whereas busy, productive days make me feel fulfilled, confident, motivated, and useful.


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