I feel like most of my post have been kinda of serious in nature, probably because the inner workings of my mind are so #deep. I want to move a from that today, hopefully more often to write something that might be a little more fun to write, and hopefully read.

I hate mornings…sometimes…I guess it depends.  Mornings when I my alarm goes of mid-cycle are the worst, and if that’s not bad enough I know when that’s going to happen the night before because my alarm clock tells me how long it will be until the alarm goes off. If its not a multiple of 30 minutes I know tomorrow is gonna be rough. I’ll wake up all groggy, cortisol coursing through my bloodstream, and the alarm is not my favorite. I used to like that one, but not so much anymore.

Good mornings are when I wake up at the end of an REM cycle to my favorite alarm, the opening theme song for season one Haikyu. That song gets me so pumped… and no I’m not ashamed of that.

Good mornings are when I wake up to the white noise of people chattering in the kitchen after spending the night for a family get-together, and the smells of longanisa and fresh white rice accost my sleepy olfactory nerves.

Good mornings are when I have a plan for the day, I wake up before my alarm, shut it off before it tells me and I say, “Fuck you alarm!” but not really. Bad mornings can start the same way, but I forget to turn off my alarm. Retribution I guess, he’s only trying to helpful.

Here’s hoping for a good one… Alarm will ring in 8.4 hrs… oh well…



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