The issue I was struggling with last night was this:

I wanted to say that the best way to get over yourself and over the fear of rejection was to realize that we are all part of a larger human community. To accept that we are all the same human.

Now I wasn’t quite sure if I agreed with this. Our individuality is very important, it’s what gives us our unique identity. I know myself better than anyone, so how can I not matter? Can we simultaneously celebrate our differences while also recognizing our shared humanity with the rest of the world. And the answer seems obvious now that I am writing it down, that was not the case just a few hours ago, but of course we can.

Recognizing our shared humanity doesn’t mean seeing everyone as the same person, which I think was where my mind was going before; it includes seeing that each person is unique, but despite that we all share somethings in common.

I like to believe all people are inherently good. Now what “good” is is a topic for another time. When it comes down to it all people seek connection (and at another time I also want to talk about empathy in relation to this). Even if not outwardly stated everything we do is in an effort to connect. Where things can get messy is when we have twisted ideas of what it means to connect or on how to connect. That’s all.


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