I don’t really have a direction for what I’m going to write about today, but I think I will try to write something everyday. I want to challenge myself to commit to doing things. It’s easy to commit to my job or to my classes and whatnot because they have direct consequences/ rewards (ol’ operant conditioning rearing its ugly head). Doing something like this or exercising regularly or practicing a skill all have no clear or tangible consequence, at least for the examples I’ve been thinking of.

This makes me think of a TED talk I watched recently, I think it was about addiction or procrastination, can’t quite remember. One of the speakers main point was to get curious about your own problems, to ask yourself, “Why am I doing [insert bad habit]?” I guess this relates to the above in that I often find myself avoiding doing the things I big-picturely want to be doing or ought to be doing by doing things that offer more immediate/ tangible outcomes.


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