Trying this out again, this time on a different platform. Though I’m not writing for anyone in particular; I’m just trying to create an outlet for myself to just let my mind flow.

It’s nice to release the pressure valve you know? Not because I think I’m a genius and I have a bazillion amazing ideas bouncing around in my head all the time, but because there are some ideas I have during the day that I would like to revisit and hopefully this will help de-clutter my mind and filter out all the shitty ideas (assuming not all of them are).

But I guess this is also away for me to talk to myself; to get idea out of my head to I can read them out loud and/ or at another time in a different state of mind. Now that I think of it I should really go back and read some of my old essay assignments for my classes and see how my writing holds up.

That’s it for now, I wanna try to keep each post relatively short so I don’t bore future self and long posts are bitch to proofread.


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