Every time I pass that room

I expect to see you lying there.

Already staring at me with those eyes

That everyone thought were scary.

I always thought they were sweet.

If only they stared a little longer

And saw past the sagging red lids

To your amber eyes.

They would know how sweet and gentle you really were,

And how you hated thunder.


I want to paint you into my horizon

But I’m scared that’s where you’ll stay

Fixed into the landscape of “what could’ve been”

Suspended in the brushstrokes of “who knows”

A beautiful, ever-distant sunset

I try to capture every detail, no amount of pigment is enough

Yet your radiance shines through my mere impression

The painting hangs in an unmarked corridor that I selfishly hope remains unexplored

But light like this is hard to keep hidden

I just count myself lucky to have experienced the real thing