Pediatric Cardiology – Day 15

You get kinda attached to some of these kids after working with them day after day, and I was only on the transplant service for 3 days, I can only imagine how it must be for the fellows and attendings. Then again, at this point they are probably used to patients coming and going and are used to developing these relationship and then detaching when they are ready to leave. Also, the fact that they will likely eventually see them again in clinic probably helps.

I also spent some time in the simulation lab today, which I haven’t done since I was volunteering at the back home. This time though I was participating, thankfully not as a doctor, but I did have to perform CPR on a mannequin. The whole thing was pretty stressful, and I was with 2 first year residents who have never been in a real code and were pretty far removed from being involved in similar situations. Overall it was good practice and I’m glad we got to simulate these situations in a controlled environment. I feel like students and residents would benefit from doing more activities like this where we get to simulate real situations and then get real-time feedback on our performance.


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