Pediatric Cardiology – Day 10

I will say, of the attending physicians I’ve met, none seem to genuinely enjoy what they do as much as some of the pediatric cardiologists I’ve worked with. Having had a chance to pretty much work with a new one every day, they also seem pretty happy and also it has been interesting seeing all the different practice styles. Some of them definitely do things that I could see myself doing in patient encounters. Others do things that work for them but personally would emulate (not necessarily because I think it’s bad, it’s just not me). One of the attendings did mention that is could be possible to still do some primary care/ general pediatrics as a specialists if you really pushed it, so that may be something I look more into further down the line.

There been a decent need for Spanish ability here, perhaps more than I expected, which has been good (maybe 30% depending on the day, compared to the 40-50% when I was on Med-Peds). My goal continues to be becoming more fluent.


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