Pediatric Cardiology – Day 6

I’m definitely getting used to the process and routine of clinical cardiology. Check the chief complaint/ reason for visit (not different from primary care), review the echo and the ECG that they likely came in today for, review any other relevant details, go see the patient, get the history, tell them the plan. For a lot of these clinic patients, they are relatively stable which makes sense since we are seeing them in a outpatient setting, but that usually means we don’t have much for them by way of follow-up if everything looks good. The shortest follow-up is usually with the new patients (if there is any follow-up at all [there are a lot of referrals that end up not being cardiac related]) for a couple weeks just to go over the results of a simple work-up. A lot of the RTC (return-to-clinic) dates are set for a year or more. Still figuring out how I feel about this.


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