Pediatric Cardiology – Day 1

I’ve been looking forward to starting this rotation because I think pediatric and congenital heart diseases are super interesting… and I like listening for murmurs. Today I got exactly what I was hoping for (mostly); truly amazing and awesome patients and their families, some really interesting cardiac pathology, plenty of echocardiograms, and lots and lots of murmurs. I wasn’t sure how my time during this rotation would be divided, but today was completely outpatient (despite being in the hospital) clinic work. To be honest I expected it to be 100% inpatient, but I’m glad its going to be a bit of everything. Having this rotation right after a very primary care heavy month I have several observations, but I think I’ll save that for after I have a few more specialty clinic days under my belt.

Also I think this commute just may kill me.


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