MedPeds – Day 15

Today I saw a newborn for the third time this rotation. I did his initial newborn visit, his weight and bili check a couple days later, and then now his 2 week check-up. It’s cool getting a chance to experience a small taste of continuity in the span of a 4 week rotation. As I’m rounding out my final week, I’m feeling even more a part of the team. I don’t always propose the right stuff or feel confident about it, but I’m not as afraid to make suggestions as far as what I think we need to do for the patient.

I also did a phone visit today; only my second of the rotation. I feel like I’m so awkward over the phone. Not sure if it’s because I suddenly just become more self-conscious of my voice and choice of words, causing me to stumble over myself or what, but I definitely need to work on that.


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