When I see the lines at the In-N-Out drive through (literally every one), I can help but wonder if all those people actually think this is the best thing they’ve tasted in their life, or if In-N-Out is a master of marketing and culture and have elevated their food and brand beyond a source of sustenance and into a symbol (a symbol of what I can’t say). It always blows my mind that people wait as long as they do for a meal at In-N-Out. Don’t get me wrong it is a decent burger and a great price (though looks like even they aren’t immune to inflation) and they do an excellent job keeping things moving despite the crowds, but to willingly subjecting yourself to 30 mins a car queue that is 17 cars deep seems a bit much.

(1) Snake plants
(2) Self Checkout at Target
(3) People who use their blinkers


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