Surgery – Day 16

It wasn’t too crazy of a call shift thankfully, and I actually got to leave the hospital a tiny bit early because we had teaching that morning, but I am still counting it at the next day because (1) it literally involves the next day and (2) I spend more time in the hospital on my call days than I spent over multiple days on other services.

We had a sub-intern join us on service today. Seemed like a nice guy. He was from Loyola Medical School in Chicago. During some of our downtime there was some discussion about matching into residencies and all that. In our own school, admin has been preparing us to for what 4th year is going to look like. All this has just been making me a bit worried about matching for residency. I’m not sure how competitive of an applicant I am at this point. Definitely want to use these coming month to step up my game for Step 2, no pun intended.

3 things I’m grateful for:
Staff at places who are extraordinarily friendly, like you have no reason to be as smiley and friendly as you are being, but I am here for it.
Old rattley cars that still get the job done.
Banana split Dippin’ Dots only.


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