Surgery – Day 14

The schedule for ACS for medical students really isn’t all that bad. Sure we spend 28 consecutive hours in the hospital once every 4 days, but we also essentially get to of those days off (granted one is ~supposed~ to be dedicated to sleep, but also there is no good way to fix your sleep schedule in that time). As I’ve said before, the life of the surgery resident really seems terrible among the specialties I’ve seen (except maybe aside from Ob/Gyn), but that’s why they get paid the big bucks, because you are literally trading in your life. I’ve never had more people try to convince me not to go into a specialty as I have in surgery. It seems like your life really has to revolve around medicine, but I think that works for some people (some of whom I have met).

Today I was in the outpatient surgery clinic which was very chill. Definitely different vibes from primary care clinic. I literally felt guilty about asking Review of System questions that weren’t strictly/ directly related to their surgery (even if they were maybe tangentially relevant). It’s just a whole different philosophy from what I came into medicine for.


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