Surgery – Day 0

Today was orientation day for surgery. While I don’t think I want to end up in surgery (nor am I probably competitive enough to match even if I wanted to), I am actually pretty excited for all the cool shit I’m about to see during this rotation. I’m going to be on the hepatobiliary service and I am very much hoping I will get to see a transplant. I’m honestly not 100% sure if this service does transplants or if there’s a transplant specific service because I’ve heard conflicting things. Today we had some workshop for practicing IV insertion and surgical knot tying. The practical and hands-on nature of surgery is something that has always appealed to me about surgery, so I’m excited to learn these skills and hopefully be able to use them on actual patients. It’s going to be a rough next 6 weeks, but I don’t know why I’m kind of feeling giddy about it. We’ll see how long that lasts. Stay tuned.


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