Penguins have always been one of my favorite animals. I don’t remember where it all started, but I remember when I was little always pulling out the “P” section of our World Encyclopedia to look up penguins and how the largest penguins are the emperor penguins. I think what I liked about penguins is that they seemed so out of place to me at the time. Like who who have thought these awkward birds would call icy tundras and rocky cliffs their homes. They waddle about on the land, having lost the ability to fly (without a doubt the best part of being a bird), until they trip and stumble into the water where they instant transform into these slick, graceful torpedoes with an agility that probably surpasses most birds in the air, swimming at speed that allow them to launch their whole as body out of the water back onto the ice/ land where they resume their unassuming terrestrial existence.

I feel like I can relate a lot to penguins. At least to the waddling and stumbling part.


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