Psychiatry – Day 24

It was a true Halloween day on the EDHU today. One of our patients was telling us about how there was an invisible man living in her house. Whispering to her while she mops the floor, lying down in bed next to her, reaching out from the toilet. Truly frightening stuff. To make matters worse in the middle of our interview, one of the blinds, all of which were pulled down, snapped up all of a sudden, and our patient goes, “Did you see him?”

The day also included pitch black vomit and a bone chilling scream.

Anyways, it second to last day of the rotation and while I’m going to miss the people I worked with and talking to the patients, I will not be missing psychiatry all that much as of this moment. That said I won’t rule it all the way out quite yet because there are a lot of part about psychiatry that I do like and I don’t want to throw away the baby the bathwater as they say (do they say that?).


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