Psychiatry – Day 13

The attending I’ve been working with this week has been very chill. He is working via telehealth and so I’ve mostly just been bringing patients into the room and essentially shadowing while he interviews them other than my occasional side/ clarifying questions.

Today I asked if I could take the lead on a new patient interview and he was happy to oblige. What was nice about this case was that he was able to observe me in real time. One of the things about other rotations is I’m often unsupervised when talking with patients so my attendings don’t really know what my interviewing is like. Talking to patients is one of the things I am relatively confident in and feel strong at, which lies perhaps in stark contrast to sometimes accurately convey the contents of those interviews in my presentations.

The patient I interview was a pretty interesting case filled with drama and intrigue. After it was over my attending had very encouraging words which felt good and a nice dose of affirmation among an otherwise poor performance by me on this rotation.

Decaf coffee, curly fries, sun showers


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