Internal Medicine – Day 18

This morning I felt extra energized after my first real weekend in a while. I even was able to make my coffee instead of getting it at the hospital. When I got there though, idk, the sleepies hit extra hard. Maybe it’s cause my patients right now are kinda sleepers; not much direct management required, and not a lot of patient interaction. Medically they are quite interesting, but just today not much to do and also their diagnoses are pretty slam dunk, not a lot of critical thinking necessary. I find though that sometimes patients will have certain lab abnormalities that I want to work up, but my attending or residents don’t really care about them. Even if exploring them won’t change our management or necessarily help us get them out of the hospital, I’m curious to know the mechanism, and having the freedom to run my own tests would help with that. Alas, these are real people we are dealing with so we can’t just order all the tests and do all the things willy-nilly to see what happens.

But what if there was a virtual environment where you could do that?

Fidget toys, book sales, blue light glasses


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