Internal Medicine – Day 16

I feel like I’m breaking out a bit more for the first time in a while. Not sure what it is. If it’s the long days. The lack of sleep (though I’m not sleeping thaaaat much less that usual). The 10+ hours a day in a mask. The internal medicine diet. The stress. Part of me thinks it might be as simple as this new sunscreen I’ve been using that is very oily, but I only put it on when I’m driving home. Maybe it’s a combination. I will say it’s nothing like it was before, but definitely surfaces bad memories (though my scars are already a constant reminder and source of insecurity).

I have an actual weekend coming up, so hopefully that will help clear things up. Or if nothing else help narrow down the etiology.

Definitely been thinking a lot about what I want my future in medicine to look like these past 3 weeks and I feel like I’m getting closer to an answer, but still probably not anywhere close to a definitive answer. Yesterday I ran into the clerkship director of my Ob/Gyn rotation while getting pho and he had a lot of interesting insight.

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