Internal Medicine – Day 9

Trying to figure out if I’m enjoying inpatient medicine because I’m working with people who are closer in age to me or if I actually enjoy it. Because of my schedule I’ve had to cut out a lot of things I used to do in my free time, video games and watching anime being big on that list. I actually don’t miss it at all. I mean I miss talking to my gaming friends who I only really am able to engage with on a regular bases through gaming, but I don’t crave playing which is assuring to me that my propensity towards these things was more a convenience behavior. And with the little free time I do I have, I really have to be more intentional about what I spend it on.

I feel like I’ve already learned and relearned so much on the 1.5 weeks I’ve been on this rotation. I’ve seen pretty good variety of things, while also getting a good amount of repeat pathologies to reinforce management of common presentations. I like the pace of the work. I don’t like that compared than outpatient, the vast majority of my time is spent in front of a computer. Inpatient medicine is definitely a different way of thinking, which I feel like I’ve been able to appreciate more with adult inpatient than kids, maybe. Or I just notice the difference more having spent so long in the outpatient, primary care setting. Not sure yet which I prefer.


(1) crushed/ crumbly ice (why are hospitals the only place you can reliably find good ice), (2) bandaids, (3) thin blankets that feel kinda cool when you put them on


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