Internal Medicine – Day 4-7

It’s been hard to keep up with these, but to be honest, in terms of experience, a lot of these days are more or less the same. I go in, rush to not be late even though I’m already waking up at 4:30 AM, starting looking at what happened to my patients overnight, start reviewing the charts of the new patients so I can decide which one I want to take, go get sign-out from the overnight docs, come back, do more chart review, go see my patients, start some charting, go on rounds, do more charting… wait I am just now realizing I went through all of this in the last post I think. It is interesting to see the different pathologies though, and to think about some of the more difficult etiologies of refractory problems. Also so far I feel like I’ve gotten pretty lucky with patients being pretty open to talking to me. I also feel like my Spanish is improving… slowly. Definitely been helpful to be hearing a lot of medical Spanish on a daily basis. I’m also learning a lot of other stuffy too.

We also got a new attending today. She’s little more formal, but also seems like we are going to have very clear expectations of us for this coming week. Wish me luck.

(1) Friends who talk to you about new things and make me think about things in different ways, (2) lasagna, (3) finding something you thought you lost forever.


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