Internal Medicine – Day 1

1 hour of orientation. That’s it. 1 hour for possibly the most time intensive rotation of medical school. On paper it’s 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. Thankfully it’ll be a little less than that most days if the residents are nice (though I feel bad because they actually need to stay the whole time). At orientation we just went through kinda of basics of the rotation, assignments, etc. and afterwards we went straight to the wards. I was excited because the person who was listed as my senior resident was someone I had met before volunteering and had run into a few times during the outpatient portion of my peds rotation. Super chill guy and was looking forward to being able to work with him some more. The other 3rd year on the team with me and I got a little lost on our way to our team’s work room but we made it. We met the senior and the 1st year residents. They all were super friendly and welcoming. It was a really good day, rounding with them, getting to know them. And then I find out today was their last day on the team before they switch to their next service… sad 😥

Overall though, IM was more or less what I expected. Very similar to in-patient peds, just a bit… older. But we spend the day reading out patients, then running around to see those patients and talking about them, then coming back to the work room to write about those patients. Since it was our first day, we didn’t get to have our own patients yet, but it was a good glimpse into how the team operated. Because of that we didn’t have much to do and that made it a little slow after rounds since there also were no new admissions. Thankfully, they sent us home a little early after the cutoff for new patients. Tomorrow is when it really begins.


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