Mad at the Drive-Thru

I had a craving for McDonald’s today. Apparently a lot of other people in Camarillo did too. The line was kinda long, but that’s how it be sometimes. I made my order; 2-for-3.99, a McDouble, a spicy McChicken, and a large fry (or large fries?). Looks like there was trouble up ahead and so took 5-10 mins for me to get up to the window, and when I did the cashier read back to me my order before charging my card. After I confirmed, he said, “Yea cause I don’t want to get it wrong because the last was really upset when I said the wrong order.” I expressed my sympathy to him and thanked him for his diligence.

Sometimes it blows my mind when people get upset at little things. Some guy was literally sitting is his car, gave orders out the window of said car, and just had to sit there until it was time to pay and get his food. But he decided to get worked up because the cashier made a mistake and maybe because the food was taking a little longer than usual. Sure maybe that customer was having a rough day, and I think it is reasonable to have a standards and expectation when being provided a service, but I my mind getting upset is never the productive option.

What does it accomplish? Ok maybe it made the cashier start to pay a bit more attention, but perhaps there is a way that the same thing could be accomplished without the same emotional toll on the cashier and on the customer.

In the earlier days of this blog I challenged myself to come up with three things I’m thankful for (3TITF [maybe I should just write it out]) with every post. It’s been a while, but I think I’ll try starting that up again:

Full, lush trees rustling in the wind, mangos, custom stickers


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