Family Medicine – Day 20

It’s really interesting seeing all the different personalities and practice styles of all the different physicians. It makes me wonder how I’ll be once (if) I get my shit together. Will I be the type to bring my computer/ device in with me? Or will I take notes on a paper towel? Or will I try to keep the story straight mentally in my head? Or maybe there will be a new cool standard of technology (Google Glass-esque?).

Will I try to address all of my patients issues in our “15” minute visit and give them a hard cutoff in order to get to the next patient? Or will I take as much time as I need with each, even if that means making other patients wait a long time and me having to work through lunch?

Will I be the doc that MA’s complain about at lunch?

Will I be the one patients switch to? Or the one they try to switch from?

Will I work to live or live to work? I’m not sure yet which one is better. I feel like neither one is ideal.

I’m afraid of indifference.


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