Family Medicine – Day 18

Today is what I imagine a day in primary care to be like. Running from patient to patient, barely having time (if any) to catch your breath before the next one is ready to be seen. Not feeling like you have enough time with them, but also hoping that they don’t have more issues to talk about because you have to run to the next exam room. And I only was seeing 4 of the 11 patients this morning. Charting through lunch while I take bites of the adobo I packed as I tab and scroll through the patients chart, typing intermittently. Lunchtime isn’t even over and the first patient of the afternoon is already roomed, vitaled, and ready to me seen. The afternoon was slightly more chill. Patient were less complex and their conditions were all pretty well controlled. Also I heard a lot of murmurs today. Last patient was a joint injection in the thumb which was pretty cool, and I actually ended up getting out a bit early.


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