Family Medicine – Day 16

Slowwww day today. This morning I only saw 2 patients, plus a couple prenatal visits, a well-woman exam, and a cryotherapy visit. In the start of the afternoon I was was getting pinballed back-and-forth between clinic stations because nobody knew where I was supposed to be:

The doc I worked with that morning thought I was supposed to be with him in the afternoon (doc #1). The doc that I had on my schedule wasn’t expecting me (doc #2) and said I was with another doc (doc #3). I waited for doc #3 outside his office, but then one of the MAs came by and said he wouldn’t be there until the evening. So I went across the building to go talk to the office administrator and on the way ran into doc #1 and gave him a quick update. The admin said that based on the schedule I was with doc #2 as I thought, but she shot her a message just to verify it was ok. Once I got the ok, I headed back across the building and doc #1 reminded me that I should check with the admin about tomorrow because I was schedule with doc #4, but she was supposed to be on vacation, so I went back and then was told I would be reassigned to doc #3.

Anyways I finally had it all straightened out and when I got back to the side of the building I would be working that afternoon got sent straight to a patient’s room. An interesting case of refractory abdominal pain and chronic illness. Then after that silence. A whole slew of no shows (some of them shared a common factor which I thought was interesting and we could have a discussion about social determinants of health). Then a couple more folk at the end of the day. Such is the nature of primary care.


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