Family Medicine – Day 13

Procedures I guess was the theme of the week. This morning I helped with a skin biopsy, so I cut out half the patch of skin and then dissected it from the body and then put in the sutures. I put in more sutures today than I did my whole Ob/Gyn rotation. Then in the afternoon I observed one of the docs do an outpatient vasectomy. In both cases patients were fully awake and we were just slicing into their skin (in one case a leg, in the other a ballsack). Similar to when I observed surgeries in Ob/Gyn, I was again struck by how crude the procedures were. I mean they were delicate and required precision, but conceptually very simple. We want a piece of skin? Just cut it out. Want to sterilize this guy (by his choice)? Cut the tubes that make him fertile. The most important thing to know in these cases is (perhaps obviously) anatomy.

Big shout out to my attendings for getting me involved and really going out of their way to give me hands-on experiences.


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