Family Medicine – Day 9

Slowly I’m becoming more doctorly. I’ve been trying to be more consistent with providing my assessments and my plans more confidently, even if they are potentially wrong. Trying to avoid qualifiers. No “I’m not sure but…” or “This might not be right…” or “Not sure what you think but…” Just going for it. So far my preceptors have been very gracious in hearing me out, endorsing the good things I say, and suggesting adjustment or alternatives when necessary.

More and more I feel like I’m asking the right questions and I’m a little more focused in my histories and physicals. I’ve also been doing a little more reading of primary literature this week for various reasons, and while not all of it has been super relevant the present clinical practice, I’ve enjoyed reading the papers and it always feels good to learn new stuff (or at least feel like you are).


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