How We Got Here.

It’s not about protecting life. It never has been.

It’s not about protecting the Constitution (which in itself is an idiotic reason).

It is and always has been about control and about power.

It’s about a system of government that disproportionately caters to populations who already hold most of the power and who have used that power to keep it that way.

It’s about politicians who desperately need to maintain their seats in Congress in order to stroke their fragile egos, so they pander to those populations despite what they personally believe and despite what the majority of their constituents may believe.

It’s ok for people to have fundamental differences in what they believe, and it’s ok to fight for what you believe to be right in your own life, but that should not come at the expense of other people’s ability to make decisions for their own lives. For what it’s worth I’m confident many of the politicians who are gleeful about the Supreme Court’s decision don’t give a shit about m0rality, they are interested in what’s going to keep them funded and in office next year.


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