Pediatrics – Day 5

The theme of the day was specialty clinics. I started off in the morning in the pediatric nephrology clinic and then in the afternoon moved over to the pediatric neurology clinic. Both clinics had so many interesting cases, the kind that you think you may only see in question banks and the board exams. Personally, I thought the neuro cases were overall more interesting, but that said it was a small sample size so it’s hard to say which I would ultimately enjoy more.

The neurology clinic was interesting because, having had a whole week of learning developmental milestones and well-child exams, I got to see what it looked like when patients had appreciable delays, and the important role physical exam plays the work-up, especially in these cases. In one of them there was a very clear juxtaposition of two varying degrees of neurological deficits (apologies for being so vague, I just want to be extra careful when talking about this stuff).

I’m back in neuro clinic tomorrow afternoon, so we’ll see what’s in store for me then.

I haven’t talked about my food as much this rotation, mostly ’cause I haven’t been cooking as much, but this past weekend I went to my cousin’s baby shower and took home a shit-ton of leftovers which I will be making my way through this week.


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