Pediatrics – Day 3

I got to spend the morning in the pediatric cardiology clinic. Things definitely move a bit faster there in terms of the visits, or at least it felt like it. The encounters were relatively short, but the attending would also do echocardiograms on the kiddos which probably took the majority of the time. All the patients we had were babies, all very cute and pretty easy to work with. The idea of doing and reading echo’s is kinda cool, but I’m not sure if that’s just because of the novelty. It seems like a chill gig though. But also part of me was looking forward to going back to the regular clinic in the afternoon.

I’ve also been eating vegetarian-ish for a couple days, the only reason being that I’m trying not to spend money on lunch when I’m at the clinic. I get a $4.50 meal stipend from the school every day that doesn’t roll over so I get what I can to stay within that budget which usually includes vegetarian options. Plus the food I’ve made at home is also vegetarian. It’s been working out though, not complaints.

Anyways in the afternoon got to see 2 patients on my own. One was a 9-month-old, the other a 7-year-old. Definitely getting a better feel of these visits. I like the diversity and I like talking to the patients and families and then also learning more about putting together differentials from the residents and attendings. I also noticed there’s a lot more poop talk than in adult clinics. This was my last day in this general kinda clinic and then I’m mostly gonna be in specialty clinics in the coming weeks.


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