Pediatrics – Day 0

Today was orientation day for pediatrics, 7 am to 4 pm. We started learning about what was going to be expected of us, and while it was intimidating to hear how big a role we as students would be playing in individual patient care, it was also exciting. I’m a little concerned because I feel like my experience in Ob/Gyn didn’t really prepare me for inpatient pediatrics. Then again, I’m not sure what rotation would have really prepare me. The most similar would be Internal Medicine, but starting with that would be even more difficult. Luckily though I am starting with outpatient peds to kinda warm me up a bit more.

I really want to do well in this rotation, so I think I’m gonna need to kick my ass into gear a bit more than I did for the first one. Being back in LA may make this a bit harder. Actually that’s not a good attitude to come in it with. There’s a lot of things about being back here that may support me in doing well in this rotation. I’ll have more friends and peers to work with and study with. I’ll be able to fall into some of the good habits I’ve established in my LA environment. At the end of the day, whether or not I take this rotation seriously is going to be up to me, and I’m coming in determined.


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