OB/GYN Rotation – Day 23

Today was the last day at the second clinic. I never really knew the staff there well ’cause I was only there once a week so leaving wasn’t so sentimental, but there are a couple patients who I had seen consistently for the throughout my time there that I will be sad not to get to follow-up with. I did make my proposition to my attending, but I think the idea didn’t quite get through, so I ended up just seeing some patients on my own. We came full circle though and saw the pessary patient who I saw on the first day.

I left my lunch at home though so I went out to this taco stand and got a couple fish tacos. They were alright. Then I ate my lunch for dinner.

I also just realized I asked for the code to enter through the backdoor of the clinic today, not even thinking about the fact that I would never need it. Oh well.

We finished a bit late today, but we typically have less patients at this site so I still got out earlier that I would at the other clinic. I came home and had a pretty lazy day. There so much stuff I need to work on, I just need better triggers, or anti-triggers so I don’t default to playing games or taking naps as soon as I get home.

Tomorrow is my last full day of clinic. Need to start preparing.


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