OB/GYN Rotation – Day 21

First day of my last week here. I was back in the hospital, this time in triage. Of the hospital days I’ve had, I probably liked triage the best. It felt the most dynamic, kinda like clinic. People came in, we’d monitor them for a while and then either admit or send home. Also the nurse I was working with was really nice and was able to teach me a lot about how the whole thing operates and then more about the relationship with the other units and the doctors. Also I feel like half the people I’ve met here have a niece or nephew who goes to UCSB. It was a relatively slow day there according to the nurses, despite the fact that they were also using triage to cover for a nurse who left and was typically responsible for performing the non-stress tests. While I wish I could have seen triage working on all cylinders, it was probably for the best so I wouldn’t have to worry about being in the way and the nurses mentioned how they appreciate the quieter days.

When I work with my attending, I always hear him get phone calls from triage where they give him the low-down on a patient and then he gives the ok to discharge or admit. It was cool seeing the other side of it. They even called him a couple times while I was there. On a side note all the nurse I’ve met seem to really like him despite his antics compared with a lot of the other docs which in a way made me a little proud to have him as my attending.

For lunch I had a sandwich that I made at home. I was hoping to go to the cheesesteak place that’s been on my radar after my shift, but turned out it was closed by the time I go out. Next time. Went back to the gym for the first time in maybe a week, and then for dinner I put together this chickpea dish with kale and broccoli in a sauce made up of sweet soy sauce, gochujang, some other spices and bit of the heavy cream I had from the other dish I made. I thought it turned out pretty good. It has a nice savory-sweet-spiciness that itches the umami/ meat craving.


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