OB/GYN Rotation – Day 17

I’m strangely starting to feel a bit of sadness with the realization that this rotation is getting close to its conclusion. I have this week and then one more. I’m going to have to say goodbye to the people I’ve met here and likely not see them again. It’s weird how life it like that sometimes. People who play such huge roles in isolated point of our life all of a sudden disappear. I realize it’s perhaps weird that I am getting sentimental over this, but that’s just the way I am I guess.

Today I finally asserted myself to see some patients on my own. It went pretty well I thought. My attending would go off to see a one patient and I would see another, and then he would come in at some point. When he came in, he basically would just do the whole encounter over again and it was reassuring in that it meant what I talked about with the patient was pretty comprehensive. There would be things I would miss here and there, but all things to keep in mind for next time. It did seem like the EMR problems persisted and we ended up getting a bit behind, so I held off a bit as not to be a further source of anxiety with the record keeping complications. We’ll shoot for some more tomorrow.

Also getting more comfortable with the flow and process of Nexplanon insertions and removals. I feel confident that I could do either on my own, except I would just be very nervous with the patient there or being watched while doing it.

For food still making my way through leftovers, though now I’m down to all home-cooked stuff. We’ll see if it makes it to the end of the week.


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