OB/GYN Rotation – Day 9

So I did end up asking today, which in retrospect was not really a scary thing to do ’cause I can’t imagine how he would have a negative reaction to my asking (actually I can imagine, in which he would laugh and say something to the effect of, Haha ya right you’re not ready). He was all for it, but then he said he didn’t know how it would work out with the charting. I mentioned that I could write notes with my log-in and then he would co-sign, but he seemed to think that wouldn’t work so I didn’t want to push it. He has a system down and is particular about how his notes are written, so I’m formulating a way to make it as easily transferrable as possible, at least for certain encounter types (like initial ob visits).

At one point in the day some administrators came to the office. There was a big fuss about them coming and the MAs even made my attending hide or throw out his can of iced coffee because I guess it wasn’t a good look. Just as they were walking in he chugged the rest of it and tossed it in the trash under his desk. But he recognized the MD and they started having a pretty banterful conversation. Turns out he isn’t only savage when it comes to patients and med students. If anything he was even more ruthless when it came to his admin.

I did get to talk to her briefly. Turns out she’s the director of medical education at the hospital. While we were talking, I was shockingly given props by my attending. He said that he was impressed because I was his first student in maybe five rotations that asked to see patients on my own. I thought it would be the expectation, but I guess that historically is not the case here. Still felt good though.

He is slowing having me do more though. At this point it’s the expectation that I will be the one to place the speculum if we are doing a physical exam that requires it. At one point, he even had me give the ER protocols spiel.

“<insert name of patient> four things should worry you. First, the baby should be moving at all times. If you feel the baby is moving less, you count. If the baby moves less than ten times in two hours go to the hospital. (2) Bleeding, (3) leaking, (4) cramping, you go to the hospital. Anything unusual, just go to the hospital.”

Tomorrow, I think he is scheduled for some surgeries so hopefully I’ll get a chance to see something cool.

For lunch I went to A&W, like the root beer place, and got some chicken sliders. I keep forgetting to prepare lunch before I go/ the night before. I’ll be prepared tomorrow though with the leftovers from dinner tonight. I used the veggies, which I’m almost through with, and stir fried them with some jalapeno-pepper jack sausages. It was pretty good, but there are some ingredients you can’t go wrong with. That and I feel like I have a pretty low bar for the things I will tolerate in terms of items that are consumed for sustenance.

Much love to anyone who actually reads these ❤


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