OB/GYN Rotation – Day 5

Today was a good reminder of how much more I like being in the clinic than sitting in the classroom. This morning of didactics was pretty tortuous, but the more I think about it, the more I think about how it doesn’t have to be that way. The culture that has been created around didactic learning/ teaching and the expectations that said culture sets-up in the minds of the students and teachers is what makes it so utterly unbearable. I feel for teachers, because even when done well, getting students to engage with enthusiasm is like pulling teeth. Students are afraid to get the wrong answer or just tell themselves that class should be boring and lame, so they refuse to participate. Teachers know that despite their best efforts, students aren’t going to be excited about whatever it is they are teaching so why even try.

End mini rant.

There were a lot less ob encounters when I was in clinic this afternoon. I don’t think I did a single doppler. It was mostly different health concerns, that may even come up in a regular primary care visit. I did get to help out in the removal of a Nexplanon, but that was also a very simple task I was given.

Sometimes, I’m not sure how involved I can be in the encounters. Sometimes when we are talking to the patient, I want to ask the patient questions about their condition that my attending doesn’t ask. Moreso out of curiosity, but also sometimes to illicit more of their perspective and feelings towards whatever they are experiencing. But I don’t want to impede the doc in his flow or be out of line.

My attending did have to induce a labor in the evening, so I was hoping to get called for the delivery, but I never heard anything.

I ate lunch at home since I had the didactic session, just leftover sinigang. And then I ate that for dinner as well.

I’m looking forward to being off on the weekend, though there are some responsibilities I do need to take care of, but otherwise I’ll try to do more exploration of the town and see what cool spots I can find.


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