OB/GYN Rotation – Day 3

Today was my first full day in clinic. This clinic was a little further out, but the routine and flow was pretty much the same. Same patient population as well, at least from what I’ve been able to observe so far. We had more further along pregnancies this time, so I was able to get practice feeling which side of the belly to listen to the fetal heart rate on (in younger gestations I was told mostly to be searching along the midline). I think I’m batting 100 with it so far, not that it’s super difficult.

Today I learned what a pessary is, I did a breast exam on an actual patient, and otherwise mostly did the same ol’ measuring fundal heights and listening to fetal heart rates. I am getting a good feel for the different recommendation at given gestational ages, and I think I probably could probably see a patient and select the right orders and do the proper patient education. As long as it’s a relatively uncomplicated case.

I do need to work on my Spanish more. It definitely has improved, and when a Spanish-speaking patient comes to clinic I can for the most part follow the conversation (though it also helps that I have a pretty good idea of what my attending would be saying if he was speaking in English). I know the phrases that I could say for my little parts of the visit, but I always get scared and chicken out. Gotta get over that.

For lunch I went to this little local cafe/ diner place and had a club sandwich. Had a chance to video call Mom and also eavesdrop (they were basically yelling) on these guys at different tables talk about their experiences at a “gentleman’s” club and their favorite performers.

I went back to clinic we finished a bit early, so I came back to the apartment and went across the street to a nearby park for a workout. The suburbs here are quiet and mellow. Parents and their kids playing in the playground. A little league team practicing on the field. High schoolers with baggy pants and long curly hair riding around on these weird tiny gas-powered motorcycles, while the ones in tank tops but the same hair held up by bandanas were playing basketball.

I got back home ate some leftovers and made some smashed potatoes (more unused items from the barbeque) while knocking off some to-do list stuff intermittently.

I’m starting to get a sense of how hard it may be in the future to devote time to keeping up with other hobbies and activities while working as a physician, and I my schedule right now is still pretty chill. I don’t have any charting to do at home. I’m not on call. I don’t have any dependents. All I wanna do when I get home is sleep, but there are also things that I want to do but have a much higher activation energy. I guess in the coming weeks we’ll see if my post-work endurance increases, or if I will succumb to the muted siren of my bed.

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