OB/GYN Rotation – Day 1

Maybe it’s me. I had another hiccup today. Apparently, my orientation with the school today was supposed to be in-person. I was supposed to attend hands-on workshop training, which in hindsight obviously could only be done in-person, and then move out here later today. Part of me wanted to believe that those of us placed outside of the LA area (which is only really myself and maybe one or two others for this rotation) would either for some reason be exempted from the workshop parts and part of me just was again over-eager to come out here and begin my first real clinical experience (and leave LA). In conjunction with feeling rushed about only being given moving information 3 days (I guess 4) prior to when I was supposed to move and also being given a Zoom link for a later portion of the orientation, there were just a lot of moving parts.

Enough excuses though. I could have been more diligent with checking the information and verifying with the appropriate staff that my understanding of the situation was correct (I’m seeing a pattern here). However, one of the MDs in charge of this clerkship was lovely enough to stay on Zoom with me for a little bit after the part I was able to attend to give me a quick run-down of the stuff they covered in the morning.

But enough about my inadequacy. Later on, I went out to get a haircut so I don’t look like a Survivor contestant going to his 34th tribal council, and right after I parked and got out of the car, I saw what I could only guess was an urban wolf trotting down the sidewalk carry the limp body of a whole-ass rooster in its mouth. Pics to come. Haircut was excellent by the way, shout out to Adan at Los Primos barbershop in Visalia.

I also went to the groceries and Target to get a knife cause the one that was already in the apartment could barely cut tomatoes and onions and made making my lunch unnecessarily hazardous.

Got back did some more studying up and then went out to dinner with my flat mate at a nearby brewery restaurant where we met this lovely older couple and just got into talking about what we were doing in the area, about LA which is where the woman grew up and lived for a long time, and some of the changes to LA and the county hospital that happened since she left.

All in all, “Day 1” was pretty good and I am all the more eager to actually start working with local staff tomorrow.


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